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We add value to your brand.
At Looma, our work starts by listening and embracing your vision. Together we make your business model skyrocket using thorough analyzing methods of marketing and in the end, influence your audience’s emotion.

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Let's create together

At Looma, we pay close attention to pre-production and the target audience’s attention. Because video's that we create are only as good as the final target audience thinks it is good.


Product Videos
Tell a story as compelling and world-changing as your product or service.
Brand Videos
Share your journey with the world through a compelling brand film that captures your unique vision.
Agency Partnerships
Wherever your agency is going, bring experienced video partners along with you.

Taking creativity to the skies.

Our imagination can't be stopped when getting mind-bending shots you are going to love. FPV drones give a new perspective to our films, making our and your future video stand out from the crowd.


Let’s explore
On the first meeting with clients, we get to know them, give them our ideas, listen to their thoughts, and find the most adequate solution for your story. And we make sure everybody feels good through the process.
Get the best out of your videos
It pays to go out of your comfort zone. After the meeting, we like to take things further and upgrade the idea. Because it’s only once we’ve seen the edges, we all know what is the best creative process to accept.
Dominate the market
After the work is done, all you have to do is enjoy your stronger and empowered brand and do more business.

Working together

Using thorough analyzing methods of marketing and consumer needs we make sure that the final viewer not only sees a video but makes an action. Which in the end results in more sales and business opportunities for you.
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